Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby Gilly Update

August 3rd, 2009 - Dr. Bob Visit

The baby, Dave and I visited the doctor on Monday. As usual, we were back in the patient room as soon as we arrived. I love to watch the nurse take my blood pressure, which was 120/78. Perfect! I love to watch because she never tells me what it is and by watching the numbers on the dial I can figure it. I'm also now 4 pounds over the weight I started at in February. The doctor was pleased that I had gained some weight. Go me! Actually Dave is a really good cook!
The babies heart beat was at 140 bpm. Last visit is was 144 and the visit before the it was 146. Baby Gilly is growing as expected. Dr. Bob indicted our ultrasound will be scheduled after our next appointment. I'm super excited to share our pictures with you. I hope we get some good ones. :)

Although we are not finding out girl/boy at the ultrasound, I have taken a few online "old wives tales" quizzes. When the quiz ended it in dicated, at 80 %, a girl. This is based on 51 "old wives tales". I cannot believe there are that many! Did you know one of them says if your like to eat the heal of the loaf of bread you are having a boy? I have eatten the heal of the loaf of bread my entire life and I still think I'm having a girl. I read on 2 different web sites that mother's intuition is right 71 % of the time. I guess we shall see.

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