Friday, November 13, 2009

Hayden's John Deere Song

Hayden James has been in rare form lately. He's so funny! Friday night (11/6) Dave and stopped over to visit (and to see Aubrey). Hayden had just gotten home from hunting with Chad. Needless to say putting a 3 year old in a tree stand probably wasn't the best way to get a 30 point buck or see a deer for that matter. Chad gave Hayden a grunt call which he proceeded to use like a whistle. Chad said he blew on it so hard it sounded like a moose. My guess is all the deer ran when they heard the moose coming.

Hayden was running, singing and dancing when Dave and I arrived so I decided to get out my camera and caught the "John Deere Plow" song by Hayden James Hall. Check out the video --note the pile of hats on his head.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Visit to Dr. Bob

Dave, Baby Gilly, and I went to visit Dr. Bob on Tuesday. Baby Gilly and I went for our normal check up. Dave went as a patient this time. His shoulders have been bothering him. I guess --like Father, like son. Baby Gilly and mine visit was pretty uneventful. The baby's heartbeat which has been in the 140's my entire pregnancy was 156. Completely normal. My blood pressure was also normal as usual. However, Dave's BP was 146/109 a little high for my taste and for Dr. Bob's. Dr. Bob took it again before we left the office and it has come down to 140/90, better but still to high. Dave just said he was really nervous. His shoulders seem to have some inflammation that will not go away and moving them just make them more inflamed. Dr. Bob gave Dave and anti-inflammatory. The medicine is supposed to bring the inflammation to an end and his shoulders are supposed to feel better after a couple weeks. I just glad this will not be and ongoing issue! After all he will have a toddler to hold and carry around in a year.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009

October 29th was Trick or Treat in Defiance. It's always early because the Halloween Parade is Saturday night. Dave, Hayden and I carved pumpkins the night before. Hayden will not touch the pumpkin, but he loved the knife.
In the pictures Dave carved the pumpkins in the back and the one in the right front. I carved the "G" and the one in front of which I don't have any pictures.
Samsen and Kendall were good sports getting their pictures taken. Aren't they beautiful puppies? Dave's not so bad himself, only handsome!
The pumpkins came from a pumpkin patch up north. We went with Pat, Marg and Ian when we were there a couple of weeks ago. The pumpkins were all huge and there were 30 + acres of them. The patch closed when we were still walking around looking for the "perfect" pumpkin. Lucky for us the farmers were nice enough to stick around for us. Pat was looking for a tall, skinny pumpkin for Alex which he found on the way out of the patch. We must have looked for that pumpkin for an hour. I'm glad he finally found it. Alex, how did it turn out?
Dave threw the pumpkins over this hill this weekend because they were rotten. Darn the hot weather!
Next year will be fun! We will be able to take pictures of the pumpkins, dogs and Baby Gilly!

Monday, November 2, 2009

We Welcome Aubrey Elizabeth Hall!

Chad and Betsi welcomed 6 pound 13 ounce, 18.5 inch long, Aubrey Elizabeth at 7:45 this morning. Bet is doing great! Aubrey is beautiful! I've attached pictures so you can judge for yourself. She resembles Hayden but they do not really look alike.
Hayden is allowed at the hospital for 1 hour this evening to meet his new baby sister. We printed pictures earlier today and gave them to him. He's been carrying them around the house and will not put them down unless someone is "holding" them. He is so proud to be a big brother.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Doctor Visit

The baby and I went to visit Dr. Bob on Tuesday, October 13th. Dave decided to go hunting since he only has a limited amount of time this year. The baby is growing perfectly. Its heartbeat was 140. My blood pressure was excelleted also 122/74! He said he wanted to see me in two weeks becuase we only have 5 weeks left before d-day, however; he is going to Hawaii so he has to postpone the appointment 3 weeks out. We will go visit him on November 3rd. Dave has hunting schedule for that day. I wonder if he will go with me? :) I'm going with... probably not.

Betsi has her c-section scheudled to have Aubrey Louise Hall. We have been calling November 2nd, Aubrey Day! I, of course took the day off! Not that I will need the entire day, but I definately want to get good pictures of her like I did with Hayden. Cannot wait to share them with everyone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Gilly Update

August 31st, 2009

We visited with Dr. Bob. Everything is going very well. We are right on schedule. I forgot to ask for the heartbeat. Sorry everyone!

We had our sugar test. I got to drink this "yummy" orange drink. It reminded me of a flat sunkist. The test came back perfect!

Our check-ups are moving to every three weeks instead of every four so I will have another update soon. We should have some pictures pretty quick too -- we are going for an ultrasound later in the week.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Defiance County Fair

August 22, 2009

Dave decided to humor me again this year when I wanted to go to the county fair. I truly believe he hates going but always puts on a happy face for me. I love fair food and only get it once a year. I also think they should have "pony rides" for adults because that was my favorite part of the fair when I was little.

We met up with Betsi, Chad and Hayden. Hayden asked Uncle Dave to ride the big slide with him. After a little push Dave followed Hayden up the large number of steps. I think Dave had a pretty good time. Check out the smile on his face. Hayden's smile came at the end of the slide. It was as big as could be! Thanks to Chad for the picture!