Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Doctor Visit

The baby and I went to visit Dr. Bob on Tuesday, October 13th. Dave decided to go hunting since he only has a limited amount of time this year. The baby is growing perfectly. Its heartbeat was 140. My blood pressure was excelleted also 122/74! He said he wanted to see me in two weeks becuase we only have 5 weeks left before d-day, however; he is going to Hawaii so he has to postpone the appointment 3 weeks out. We will go visit him on November 3rd. Dave has hunting schedule for that day. I wonder if he will go with me? :) I'm going with... probably not.

Betsi has her c-section scheudled to have Aubrey Louise Hall. We have been calling November 2nd, Aubrey Day! I, of course took the day off! Not that I will need the entire day, but I definately want to get good pictures of her like I did with Hayden. Cannot wait to share them with everyone.

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  1. Amber, so glad you are doing well! Drop me an email with your address when you get a chance...I'd like to send something for yours and Betsi's babies.