Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Visit to Dr. Bob

Dave, Baby Gilly, and I went to visit Dr. Bob on Tuesday. Baby Gilly and I went for our normal check up. Dave went as a patient this time. His shoulders have been bothering him. I guess --like Father, like son. Baby Gilly and mine visit was pretty uneventful. The baby's heartbeat which has been in the 140's my entire pregnancy was 156. Completely normal. My blood pressure was also normal as usual. However, Dave's BP was 146/109 a little high for my taste and for Dr. Bob's. Dr. Bob took it again before we left the office and it has come down to 140/90, better but still to high. Dave just said he was really nervous. His shoulders seem to have some inflammation that will not go away and moving them just make them more inflamed. Dr. Bob gave Dave and anti-inflammatory. The medicine is supposed to bring the inflammation to an end and his shoulders are supposed to feel better after a couple weeks. I just glad this will not be and ongoing issue! After all he will have a toddler to hold and carry around in a year.

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