Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009

October 29th was Trick or Treat in Defiance. It's always early because the Halloween Parade is Saturday night. Dave, Hayden and I carved pumpkins the night before. Hayden will not touch the pumpkin, but he loved the knife.
In the pictures Dave carved the pumpkins in the back and the one in the right front. I carved the "G" and the one in front of which I don't have any pictures.
Samsen and Kendall were good sports getting their pictures taken. Aren't they beautiful puppies? Dave's not so bad himself, only handsome!
The pumpkins came from a pumpkin patch up north. We went with Pat, Marg and Ian when we were there a couple of weeks ago. The pumpkins were all huge and there were 30 + acres of them. The patch closed when we were still walking around looking for the "perfect" pumpkin. Lucky for us the farmers were nice enough to stick around for us. Pat was looking for a tall, skinny pumpkin for Alex which he found on the way out of the patch. We must have looked for that pumpkin for an hour. I'm glad he finally found it. Alex, how did it turn out?
Dave threw the pumpkins over this hill this weekend because they were rotten. Darn the hot weather!
Next year will be fun! We will be able to take pictures of the pumpkins, dogs and Baby Gilly!

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