Friday, November 13, 2009

Hayden's John Deere Song

Hayden James has been in rare form lately. He's so funny! Friday night (11/6) Dave and stopped over to visit (and to see Aubrey). Hayden had just gotten home from hunting with Chad. Needless to say putting a 3 year old in a tree stand probably wasn't the best way to get a 30 point buck or see a deer for that matter. Chad gave Hayden a grunt call which he proceeded to use like a whistle. Chad said he blew on it so hard it sounded like a moose. My guess is all the deer ran when they heard the moose coming.

Hayden was running, singing and dancing when Dave and I arrived so I decided to get out my camera and caught the "John Deere Plow" song by Hayden James Hall. Check out the video --note the pile of hats on his head.

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